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At some time or another in our lives, we realize that we’ve developed the dreaded turkey neck or we feel we’ve got too much skin or too much fat on our necks. These conditions are often simply a sign of age, but weak or loose neck muscles are often to blame for turkey neck. 

For many of us, our necks age before our faces begin to age creating an interesting look of a youthful face while our neck looks a lot different.  Of course exercise can help but if you’ve got excess skin, then chances are that exercise isn’t going to help.  If your neck is just ‘loose’ from muscle tone then perhaps regular exercising of the neck muscles can help, but if not, you might be a perfect candidate for a neck lift.

What exactly is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure (actually two procedures) that can help change the appearance of your neck by removing excess skin and changing the muscle tone in your neck at the same time by re-sculpting them during the procedure.

Neck lifts generally take a couple of hours to complete, and before you have a neck lift the surgeon is going to verify that you are in otherwise good health so as not to increase your risk of complications that are inherent to any type of surgery.

Affects of a neck lift

Having a neck lift can give you the sudden appearance of having lost a great deal of weight in a very short period of time!  In fact, it’s rather surprising that given the difference that a neck lift can make in your appearance that most people will never even guess that you’ve had a surgical neck lift.  Because a neck lift tightens up the muscles of your neck and removes the excess fatty tissue from your neck, it instantly gives you a more youthful, thinner look.

Candidates for Neck lift

You might be wondering if you’re a candidate for a neck lift. Most adults who are otherwise healthy can have a successful neck lift – however there are some who should not have them – such as smokers.  If you’re a smoker and are considering a neck lift, you’ll have to quit before you have the surgery.  Most surgeons recommend that you not smoke for at least two weeks before a neck lift – this is to promote healing.

Risks and Recovery Time

Neck lift surgery is surgery and has all the same risks as any other type of surgery including dangers from anesthesia.  If you’re sensitive to any type of anesthetic you should notify the surgeon before hand.  Another potential risk of course could be infection and you should monitor your incision sites carefully to make sure that it does not have any type of discharge which could indicate an infection has developed.

Once you have a neck lift, you’re going to be sore and bruised and as a rule of thumb you should not be attending work for at least one week and perhaps up to two.  At home you’ll most likely want to have someone stay with you – at least for the first twenty-four hours after the procedure.

Recommendations for Recovery

While you’re recovering you’re going to want to make sure that as much as possible you wear button up shirts so that you’re not pulling them over your head and thereby down your neck which will be tender for a few days.    If you are someone who exercises regularly speak with your plastic surgeon about how soon you can return to your regular routine – some doctors recommend as much as three weeks before resuming normal exercise routines.

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