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Retail Price: $299.00 Per Treatment

Sale Price: $199.00

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*What is the price & how can I get the Natural Sculpting System?

A few months ago, I was selling single treatments of the Natural Sculpting System for $299 each. I received dozens of emails a day from people who simply couldn't afford it. The problem was that I was paying to much for the products.

When I committed to marketing the Natural Sculpting System, I set out to help people look younger and help reduce the depression aging can cause. I truly want to help people achieve dramatic results.

After getting so many complaints about the price, I knew I had to renegotiate my wholesale prices.

I realized I could help more people if I could get the products for less. Everyone wanted my product, but many could 't afford it. I had to lower the price, so I did...

Before signing an exclusive contract to market the Natural Sculpting System in the US and Canada, my team and I tested this product on hundreds of people and documented all of the results.

Following this, we flew to Spain to meet Doctor Natera. This is when we signed the contract to market the Natural Facelift System and they agreed to lower the price if I promised to buy in bulk. Our warehouse is located in Allison Park, Pennsylvania and I am located just down the road in Pittsburgh, PA.

I know you want a good deal, so don't worry, I will give it to you!! My new partnership with the manufacturer gives me the power to bring the Natural Sculpting System into the U.S. and I can ship it anywhere in the world.

Because I am confident you'll be satisfied with my product, I will allow you to purchase 1 treatment for only $199.00. You can choose which one you want to try.

This is dirt cheap introductory offer that won't last much longer. Our agreement ends in a few months and the manufacturers warned me that the prices would have to go up.


Enjoy these prices while you can, because they won't last long.

Most of my select spas are still selling single applications for $299 and witnessing unbelievable results within an hour. So get your Natural Sculpting System today while my offer is still available. I simply don't know how long I can keep the price at only $199.


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Your Natural Sculpting System products will be delivered in
a discreet package in 2-6 days

I know you were probably asking yourself, "Is my order going to come in a box that reads Here's your order from" To ease your mind, your package will be delivered in a plain white box.

The Natural Sculpting System will be shipped to you within 2-6 days depending on where you live. Our warehouse is on call 24 hours a day waiting for all online orders. When you submit your order, the Natural Sculpting System will be shipped immediately.


*You'll get Special Bonuses if you buy today*

Special Bonus #1 You'll get a Free sample bottle of Smoothing Cream With Every Natural Sculpting System You Order ($25 value)

Free Sample Bottle of smoothing cream Is Only Available For A Limited Time

Smoothing cream helps tone skin by improving firmness and texture of skin. Helps refine body contour and recover elasticity of skin in any area. Immediate and long-lasting results.


Special Bonus #2 You'll get your own personal coach whose job it is to call you and ensure you are getting the results you want. Your coach will walk you through the entire process while you sit in your living room & then follow up to make sure you're happy! ($50 value)

inch loss coaching



Special Bonus #3 You'll get a Healthy Revelations biweekly Online Newsletter for one full year ($240 value)

Discover the latest health & nutrition advancements than can change your life!

Prescription drugs, what affect do they really take on your body?

Learn the truth about antacids and how to practically cure heartburn.

How to manage your weight and see results within days!

What foods to avoid and why.

Tips on exercise, household supplies and hundreds of other helpful tips.

Get access to other natural products at Healthy Revelations subscriber discounted prices.

I'm not going to tell you any stories about cutting off this offer on Wednesday at midnight or any tricks like that, but the out and out truth is, I only have a limited supply of the sample smoothing cream bottles.

Once I am out of smoothing cream samples, the price will remain the same, but only with Healthy Revelations as a bonus (I will never pull Healthy Revelations from the offer because of the important healthy living facts that will be helpful to you.)

If you want to be guaranteed the lock-in the price of $199 with $315 worth of bonuses then you must take action today.


Yes, - Please Ship The Natural Sculpting System Immediately!

Retail Price: $299.00 Per Treatment

Sale Price: $199.00

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or Call Toll Free to order:


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