Cellulite Reduction Tips

Many people believe that the underlying cause of cellulite is being overweight – this however is simply not true.  Cellulite may be the result of any number of causes and can affect men and women equally (though women are more prone to it) and can affect you whether you’re overweight, underweight or of a normal weight.  Cellulite is not harmful to you in any way (it is not associated with cellulitis) but often is seen as a cosmetic distraction that many find unsightly and wish to have treatment for.

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite causes vary as much as the people who find themselves with the condition including lifestyle, diet and even hormonal levels.

Diet:  those who have diets that are very high in carbohydrates or fat or those who have diets that are very low in fiber may have higher incidents of cellulite;

Hormones:  men and women who have thyroid hormone level issues, insulin issues or have to use Epinephrine for a variety of medical conditions may find themselves more susceptible to developing cellulite;

Lifestyle:  if you smoke, don’t exercise enough or spend long periods of time sitting or standing at your job you may be more susceptible to developing cellulite – those who have high stress in their lives may also be more susceptible.

Other factors including genetic factors which you have no control over may determine whether or not you develop cellulite – and in fact, even children may develop cellulite for no clear reason.  The signs of cellulite are not always immediately obvious until you see what is commonly called an ‘orange peel’ roughness to your skin.  This change in your skin is normally detected by simply touching and is easily noticed by your physician during a routine medical examination.

Where you can develop cellulite

Cellulite can develop nearly anywhere on your body but is usually most commonly found in the thighs and buttocks.  This is especially true for women – in fact some studies suggest that women who wear tight undergarments may actually cause some women to develop cellulite.  Cellulite develops more frequently as you age, affecting far more women than men simply because of the differences in the texture and makeup of the skin.

Noticeably missing

Female athletes seem to have far lesser incidents of cellulite leading one to the conclusion that the lower the body fat of the woman the less likely they are to develop cellulite.  Since cellulite is basically caused by an excess layer of fat under the skin, chances are that athletes who have very low body fat will tend to naturally have less cellulite.  It is notable however that being overweight does not automatically mean that you will develop cellulite, nor does being in perfect shape automatically ensure that you will not develop it.


While everyone may be at risk for developing cellulite a healthy lifestyle which combines regular exercise and a healthy diet can help you minimize the possibility that you will develop cellulite.  It is important to remember that cellulite is not a medical condition nor is it a disease.  Treatments for cellulite are purely cosmetic and vary in their effectiveness.

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