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tummy tuck alternatives

There are many ways to alleviate the signs of aging and eliminate unwanted fats. tummy tuck, if successful, will only reap its benefit if that person continues to maintain the body that he/she desired. At the end of the day, it will also boil down to two things; proper diet and exercise.

The question is, “Why do you have to spend so much money and even risk your life for a brief relief?

Heredity or other biological factors can be a good excuse to while away the time and hope and pray that excess fat will soon go away. If you have ever seen the show “The Biggest Loser” aired by Hallmark Channel, it can provide you with a better perspective of your condition and inspire you to take that big leap to long-lasting wellness.

As a famous cliché says, “It’s all in the mind.” Indeed it is.

But you do not need to become a part of a show to achieve a flawless, not to mention healthy body that you desire. A little alteration in your daily routine can create that much difference.

Here are some effective ways to preserve your health and ultimately, your life.

Daily Exercise Can Also Keep the Doctor Away

tummy tuck exercise

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) aims to improve the health of older people.  The institute published a guideline entitled “Exercise: A Guide from the National Institute of Aging” to prevent potential health problems. Contrary to accustomed beliefs that physical activities need to be limited as a person gets older, NIA asserts that “not exercising is risky behavior.” (2009) reports that too much belly fat increases the risk of heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome (combination of medical disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes which affects 1 in 5 people), gallbladder problems, high blood pressure and colorectal cancer.
Below are some tips to help increase your metabolism without the need to go to the gym or afford any special equipment.

Hire Yourself

Take charge of activities that require automated machines or hired labor. Simple tasks such as washing the car, mowing the lawn or walking your dog can provide beneficial results. Regular activities will help increase your body’s metabolism and thus, allow your body to burn fat easily.   

Walk the Extra Mile

Do you know that you can take exercise while you shop? If you have ample time to spend at the grocery or at the mall, spend a few extra minutes in walking.  Park your car farther than usual and take a bit of walk. If you have that much motivation, why don’t you skip elevators and/or escalators and enjoy striding along the stairs. You can also take a walk on your way to work if it is only a short distance away. This way, you are able to rejuvenate your body and maintain your energy throughout the day.


Act Friendlier at the Office

Computers and the Internet are supposed to make work easier. But it also brought forth laziness among employees which contributes a lot with obesity in the workplace. Instead of sending emails to office mates who works two doors away, why don’t you get up and provide/ask information that you require. You do not only get a bit of exercise but you also enhance relationship at the office.


Make the Janitor ‘s Life a Bit Easier

While it is the responsibility of the company’s janitor to clean up your mess 8 hours a day 5 days a week and 20 days a month, you can offer a helping hand and help yourself in the process as well. Arrive early at the office or spend a bit time before going home to pick up your trash. Make this your daily habit. You do not only keep your surroundings clean which helps you become organized at work but you also wiggle away inactive fats in your body. 


Balanced Diet and Proper Nutrition

Your current diet affects the status of your weight condition and overall health condition today and tomorrow. Junk foods have become a way of life for many Americans. This is evident in the state of obesity in the United States. Almost two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.

Promotion of healthy diet is not just an option for individuals. It is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ultimately, achieve a longer life. A healthy body does away with potential health problems which constitute mortality and morbidity rates in the country. There are a good number of books and health guides that an average citizen can use to start a diet program.
Here are some effective ways to help you avoid unnecessary weight-gain temptations.


List What You Need, Avoid What You Want

Plan your menu for the week or even for the day when you go out shopping. Create a list of the essential products that you need to buy. Shopping without a list provides a lot of temptations to put anything that you fancy in the cart. That includes junk food. Stick to your list. Motivate yourself and avoid justifications in the process. Do you find yourself say, “I need my comfort food after a hard day’s work” or “I will just enroll in a gym tomorrow.” Chances are each day is a difficult day or the plan to go to the gym is put off for another tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and so on and so forth. Start today.


Eat Your Meal Before Shopping

Because you are hungry, anything that you see looks delicious as you crave for food at the moment.


Eat at Regular Intervals

Schedule your eating time each day. Your body gets conditioned to food intake this way. You will only get hungry at a specified time. Avoid going hungry for a long time as this will not only disrupt your eating schedule but you also encourage cravings.

tummytuck foods

It is always easy to procrastinate. It always makes sense to live each day as if it is your last. But the reality is you might still be here tomorrow or decades after. How you treat your body today will determine the kind of life that you will have in the future.

Would you like to spend days, months in a hospital or under a care of a nursing aide because you could not even perform basic functions such as feed yourself or get yourself to the bathroom?

The idea may seem far-fetched to your current life situation. But this may be an impending doom if you do not start today.


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